Friday, April 17, 2009

Car Bomb Cupcakes?

I am sorry to say that I am still sick, but in the interest of cupcakes, I am looking out for you. While 'researching' on the internet, I came across these Car Bomb Cupcakes, that sound absolutely wonderful. I am too sick to have actually baked, so we're just going to have to trust my instincts and say YUM!!!

Excerpt from the blog:
Folklore says that if you order an Irish Car Bomb in an Irish bar, you’ll either be greeted with a smile and a drink or a black eye, so proceed at your own risk. The way the drink is made (I figure the black eye is self-explanatory) is that a shot glass with a mix of Baileys Irish Cream and Jameson’s Irish whiskey is dropped into a three-quarters full pint of Guinness and the insane person who brought this upon themselves it must chug this whole foaming mess down quickly. Before it curdles. Hey, don’t look at me — I don’t think I have ever been wasted enough to invent something so utterly brilliant.
Head on over and try them out. And make sure you leave a comment with your results!